• PATENT NO. 1700/MUM/2012 : Device for Generation of Portable Water
  • PATENT NO. 3284/MUM/2013 : Perforated shell with fan on Top for Air Circulation for use in Water Generation Devices.
  • PATENT NO. 3285/MUM/2 : Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Design Regn No: 260518

Our electric Air well and Dehumidifier brings you unexpected benefits.

A unique feature of our machines is that they also run on solar power with an additional investment. This can enable on-grid use of the machine using solar panels and inverters. This helps avoid the use of grid power for using our models making running cost free during daylight hours.

Another fabulous feature is that another additional investment in batteries enables the household to go completely off grid. The electric power generated by the solar panels will help the household to use our models 24/7 while simultaneously enabling it to store and use the extra energy for domestic household needs.

  • Unique patented technology of plasma treatment & also distributed & perforated heat exchanger
  • Absolutely hygienic water guaranteed
  • As pure as “dew”
  • Simply switch on the power and enjoy the sweet tasting water.
  • No source of input water required
  • No further purification
  • Can work on 20% of humidity level also
  • Power consumption 0.62 to 1.2 units per ltr