• PATENT NO. 1700/MUM/2012 : Device for Generation of Portable Water
  • PATENT NO. 3284/MUM/2013 : Perforated shell with fan on Top for Air Circulation for use in Water Generation Devices.
  • PATENT NO. 3285/MUM/2 : Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Design Regn No: 260518
Our Product
7.5 Ltrs. to 12 Ltrs. Model
15 Ltrs. to 30 Ltrs. Model
Quality of Water

Water generated is totally pure and potable.

It is further purified by candle filter (Like Aquaguard)

Humidity levels of 70% and more are ideal and upto 25% is adequate
(At lower levels, power consumption is more)

  • 14 litre inbuilt tank and dispenser
  • Noiseless performance
  • Pure energetic drinking water
  • Filter protected water
  • Economical low power consumption
  • Easy portability
  • Rugged plastic body of Polypropylene
  • Light weight
  • Attractive shape
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gives off a good quantity of cool air also
  • Dehumidifies the room
  • 5 Years Warranty