• PATENT NO. 1700/MUM/2012 : Device for Generation of Portable Water
  • PATENT NO. 3284/MUM/2013 : Perforated shell with fan on Top for Air Circulation for use in Water Generation Devices.
  • PATENT NO. 3285/MUM/2 : Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Design Regn No: 260518
About ElectroWater Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

ElectroWater Technologies is a Joint Venture between Technocrat Entrepreneur Mr. Anit Asthana who is a B. Tech from IIT Delhi and MBA from XLRI and Mr. Dilip Piramal, well known serial entrepreneur and promoter of Made in India Brands like V.I.P and Windsor machineries amongst others. We have been successful in innovating on water generation technologies and have registered 3 patents in the field.

Our patented technologies have enabled us to offer low cost solutions to the Indian public. Our Company has now developed two models of low cost machines. The first model delivers 7.5 to 12 litres of pure drinking water per day. The second model delivers 15 to 30 litres of water per day.

We have tested both models rigorously throughout the length and breadth of India over the last 2 years. The models were found to work extremely well in humidity levels as low as 30% while consuming 0.6 to 1.2 units of electricity per litre. We have also invested in the necessary infrastructure to manufacture the models including our facility at Vasai, near Mumbai. We are in a position to supply 20000 to 30000 units as on date.


Mr. Dilip G. Piramal, Chairman, VIP Industries, and Blow Plast Ltd. Other group companies headed by Mr. Piramal include Blow Plast Ergonomics, India’s leading manufacturer of modular office furniture and DGP Hinoday Industries Ltd., the largest manufacturer of magnetic components used in the automotive, television and audio products

Mr. Anit Asthana, Chemical Engineer from IIT Delhi and Post Graduate in Management from XLRI in 1989, Managing Director of M/s. RA Agencies Pvt. Ltd., and Managing Partner, RASA Technology,. Leading technocrat & inventor with 25 years experience in various techno commercial fields. Holds 11 patents in various technologies. Own manufacturing facilities at Vasai, near Mumbai.